sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2018

Multiband FM transceiver 145... 435...1297...2630 MHz

Handheld multiband FM transceiver with Touchscreen

Receiver coverage 145...2630MHz

Transmitter only radio amateur bands

145MHz TX Pout 1W RX sensitivity abt. -115dBm

434MHz TX Pout 1W RX sensitivity abt. -115dBm

1296MHz TX Pout 70mW RX sensitivity abt. -113dBm

2630MHz TX Pout 50mW RX sensitivity abt. -110dBm

Functional description:

Narrowband FM receiver with 2 if 45MHz/ 455kHz
Nextion touchscreen display with Arduino nano board.
Receiver does not have front end but RX sensitivity is reasonable.

Local oscillator ADF4350 development board. output 137.5 MHz to 4400 MHz
First lo mixer TUF-5SM  spec.range20-1500MHz,  +7 dBm LO signal, seems to be working upto 2600MHz

Mixer is quite immune out band intermodulations, even there is no RX front end.

FM modulation is done straight to ADF4350 reference clock.
Transmitter have power amplifier for 145 and 435 MHz, P out 1W. Made from RD07MVS1 fet.
Higher bands transmitter have only mmic amplifier P out abt.70mW